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Unlock the value of the Internet of Things with the 2016 Vodafone IoT Barometer

Our latest research proves that the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly at the heart of organisations’ IT and corporate strategies.

The Barometer is based on independent research conducted with nearly 1,100 executives, giving an unparalleled insight into the reality of enterprise IoT use today.

The research explores how:

  • IoT is increasingly at the heart of today's business landscape. 76% of businesses say that IoT will be “critical” to their success, and adopters allocate more budget to IoT than to cloud or analytics.
  • IoT is being used to drive business change. Already 37% of adopters say they run their entire business on IoT, and 48% say they’re using IoT to support large-scale business transformation.
  • Enterprises are seeing dramatic results. 63% say they’ve seen “significant” return on investment, and on average they measure a 20% improvement in metrics like revenue, cost, downtime and utilisation.
  • IoT is integral to enterprise IT. More than 90% of adopters say they already integrate IoT data with cloud, mobile, analytics and ERP.

The Barometer gets to the heart of how organisations are really using IoT today. It’s unmissable for anyone involved in their business’s IoT decisions, giving you the data you need to benchmark your progress and build your business case.

To read the full research, including exclusive insights from specialist IoT analysts Machina Research and interviews with IoT leaders Philips Lighting, click below.

Download your copy now.

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Get a five-minute overview of our key findings: click below to read the executive summary, view our interactive infographic or watch our video.

Barometer 2016 Executive Summary Barometer 2016 Infographic Barometer 2016 Video
IoT Barometer
2016 Summary
IoT Barometer
2016 Infographic
IoT Barometer
2016 Video

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