Vodafone IoT APAC
Barometer 2017/18

A detailed insight into how the Internet of Things is transforming businesses in Asia-Pacific.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is igniting the APAC regions’ next wave of economic growth and ushering in a new era of international leadership in smart technology. Strong government support for IoT and huge market potential means there is a multitude of investment opportunities for both domestic companies and international organisations.

In the last five years, we’ve seen the number of IoT adopters more than double globally. In 2013, adoption in the Americas was 14%. Now it’s 27%. Adoption in Europe has increased from 11% to 26% in the same time frame. But it’s the APAC region that’s seen the biggest uplift. In 2013, adoption was 12% — now it’s ahead of the pack at 36%.

Whether you’re an established user or just starting on your journey, the Vodafone IoT Barometer APAC 2017/18 is an essential guide to what’s happening in that region, and where it’s headed.

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“75% agree that digital transformation is impossible without IoT”

• APAC organisations using IoT are doing more of it. 88% have increased their adoption/use of IoT solutions in the past 12 months

• Adopters in APAC are seeing significant benefits. More than half (53%) say they’re seeing significant returns on their IoT investment. And all of the adopters in APAC (100%) reported at least some tangible returns/benefits.

• Adopters in APAC are optimistic about the future. 85% of all APAC respondents believe that IoT will have an enormous or sizeable impact on the economy in the next five years, compared to 79% globally.

The IoT APAC Barometer report is an essential guide to what’s happening in the region, and where it’s headed.

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The future of IoT in APAC is exciting, ready?

The IoT market in APAC is full of potential, and the time is ripe for investment. Vodafone is in a unique position to support your expansion into this region, due to our strong presence in the region and strong partnership with leading telecommunications operators such as China Mobile and Maxis. Come and talk to us.

About the Vodafone IoT Barometer:

Now in its fifth year, the Vodafone IoT Barometer 2017/18 paints a fascinating picture of the rapidly maturing IoT market. With responses from 1,278 enterprises and public sector executives across 8 industries in 13 countries, it charts changing attitudes, business drivers and shows, almost without exception, that those investing more in IoT are seeing the biggest gains.

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